Code of Conduct

1) Observance of Laws & Regulations

RTI respects the laws and regulations of the countries where it does business and will pursue the highest standards of ethics in all its dealings with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the general public.

    2) Supply of Quality Products and Services

    RTI will place top priority on product safety and people safety as well as the conservation of the environment, energy and natural resources in the goal to supply safe and quality products to its customers.

      3) Vision

      RTI will conduct its business with a long term vision and not jeopardizing its reputation for integrity.

        4) The Environment

        RTI will be vigilant in addressing today's critical environmental issues.

          5) Good Corporate Citizen

          RTI will harmonize the pursuit of profit and social responsibility to the community at large and actively fulfill its role as a good corporate citizen.

            6) Compliance

            RTI intends all its dedicated employees to comply with the Code of Conduct and to continually enhance the effectiveness of this Code.