Face Mask: Surgical

                                      This premier high quality surgical face mask is manufactured from non-                        non-woven special fabric with integrated long loose wire. Suitable for                                 normal and long-term use and is comfortable to wear and kind to                                 skin, non-irritating. Inner layer with the special fabric is based on natural                                 materials that prevents breathing in fluff and blocking of the skin pores                                 while eliminating skin irritation. With the combination of an outer layer,                                 bacteria filter and inside layer and with a light material this special                                 facemask allows for an optimized breathe through and proven excellent                                 Delta P reading. A polypropylene filter which is free of fiberglass and has a bacteria filter efficiency (BFE) of over 99% according to the Modified Green and Wesley Method and over 95% according to the AORN guidelines guarantees an above average high rate of protection with a filter particle size of 1.0 micron in comparison to the usual mask filters.

      Face Mask: Regular

        This 3-ply pleated designed facemask protects against inhaling dust and airborne particles. Ear loops are made of soft non woven polypropylene and are fluid resistant. Comfortable and fits snugly around the ears with elastic loops. Fiberglass free and disposable. Comes in 4 colors; pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel green and white.

          Packing mode: 50 pieces per box and 10 boxes per case.

          (The 5 - Ply design is also available upon request.)

          Shoe Covers

            RTI ‘s popular disposable shoe covers are available in various designs. Our complete range of shoe covers have non-skid features, latex-free bottom which adds safety to the wearer. Latex-free elastic bands are also available.

              RTI’s shoe covers are available in 3 sizes which are Universal, Standard and Extra Large. Our shoe cover stretches well to cover virtually any shoe size.                                


              Bouffant Hats

                RTI‘s high quality bouffant hats are designed for multi-usage. Our disposable bouffant hats are comfortable, light, breathable and last for hours of long wear.

                  Available sizes are 19 inch, 21 inch and 24 inch with latex-fee elastic band.

                  Various colors are available including white, blue and green.