Medical Gloves

Surgical Gloves

Latex Surgical Gloves, Powdered, Sterile or Non-Sterile

    Latex Surgical Gloves, Powder-Free, Sterile or Non-Sterile

                                      As a barrier protection against cross infection, latex gloves are the                                 universally accepted and widely used in the medical field. RTI ’s surgical                                 gloves are made accordingly to high European standards for medical                                 device and have specifications as specified in EN455-1, EN455-2 &                                 EN455-3

                                                                                Surgical Gloves Technical Sheet

          Examination Gloves

          Latex Pre-Powdered

            Latex Powder-Free Chlorinated

              Latex Powder-Free Polymer Coated

                                                        Latex Examination Gloves Technical Sheet

                  Vinyl Pre-Powdered

                    Vinyl Powder-Free

                      Nitrile Powder-Free

                                                                Vinyl & Nitrile Examination Gloves Technical Sheet

                        Non-Medical Gloves

                        Laboratory & Safety Gloves

                          Latex Disposable

                                                                    Latex Disposable Gloves Technical Sheet

                              Vinyl Disposable

                                Nitrile Disposable

                                                                          Vinyl & Nitrile Disposable Gloves Technical Sheet

                                    Safety Gloves

                                                                              Safety Gloves Technical Sheet